Project Duration:

PVC Trim or Weld:


West Yorkshire

Snack Food Production

Manufacturing – Food & Drink



4 weeks


AM-Clad 2.5mm White PVC
PVC Ceiling system

One of the UK’s biggest snack brands, based in West Yorkshire, specified AM-Clad PVC systems for a comprehensive hygienic upgrade of a food safe production and packaging area.

Over 600 square metres of PVC was installed using both wall and ceiling cladding systems.

AM-Clad white premium hygienic cladding was fitted to the walls and hollow form 10mm PVC ceiling planks were fitted to the ceilings throughout the premises.

Thermoforming was used throughout by the experienced installation team to minimise vulnerable joints around corners, recesses, beams and columns.
Lighting, cables and other industrial fittings within the walls and ceilings were expertly accommodated and sealed within the PVC and strip curtains were also fitted.

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