Protecting the Environment

A GreenerOutlook

AM-Clad is fully committed to the principles of sustainability and we are refining and adopting new processes which reduce and limit the ecological impacts of our business.

We are taking practical steps to protect the environment and reduce the carbon footprint of our activities.

We are embracing new developments and innovations in manufacturing which ensure AM-Clad systems use the most sustainable, long-lasting materials and, where possible, postproduction waste is re-used in further manufacture.

We promote sustainable processes and apply best practice green policies across all of our activities to optimise the efficient use of resources.

Protecting the Environment

We take the steps outlined below to ensure our systems and our activities do not harm the environment:

  • No toxins are released by AM-Clad systems
  • Our systems are lead-free, Dibutyltin-free, DEHP-free and Phthalate-free
  • Reduced VOC emissions – our systems are Clean Air Gold Certified
  • We comply with REACH, ROHS and CE standards
  • VinylPlus® membership ensures our PVC systems are manufactured with recycled vinyl and are grindable and 100% recyclable
  • Our products comply with all current and relevant UK, EU and USA environmental standards
  • We promote the recycling of waste paper, packaging and plastic within our premises
  • The CO² emissions of our vehicles is independently monitored and reported on every month
  • Recycled material and post production waste is used in the manufacture of our PVC systems.

VinylPlus® and CE Marking

Vinyl PlusAM-Clad is part of a wider group, which has VinylPlus® membership. This includes a sustainable commitment to lowering CO² emissions by optimising the recycled content and recyclability of our PVC products in the manufacturing, installation and post-project stages.

CE MarkingCE Marking ensures that AM-Clad systems comply with all of Europe’s relevant health and safety and environmental protection standards. In the USA, the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) has classified our systems as non-hazardous.

Sustainable Innovation

AM-Clad works closely with suppliers, partners and clients to find sustainable solutions across all sectors. We are always willing to discuss innovations, alternative materials and installation methods which will lower the carbon footprint of each project and deliver win-win results for all parties involved. Contact AM-Clad for professional advice on your next project.

Let’s Talk

When planning your next hygienic upgrade project, you can trust AM-Clad to help you meet your specifications and fulfil your sustainability goals with our advanced PVC wall cladding systems.

Call the AM-Clad team today on + 44 1274 020 331 or email [email protected] and outline your requirements.