AM-Clad Systems

AM-Clad offers a premium range of proven internal cladding systems which create low-maintenance hygienic and food safe environments.

Contact the AM-Clad team for expert advice on the most suitable PVC wall cladding systems for your next project.

All systems are compatible with each other, so you can mix and match different systems within the same project.

Please see our Specifications section for the technical and performance details of each AM-Clad system.

AM-Clad Hygienic Cladding

AM-Clad offers a full range of premium PVC wall cladding systems which create and maintain hygienic environments.

Download the latest AM-Clad brochure now to see our full range of colour options featuring 2.5mm White, 2.5mm Subtle Satins and 2.5mm Bold Satins. Light Reflectance Values for each colour allow specifiers to choose colour combinations that comply with environments where low LRVs are required.

Bespoke colours are available on request, subject to minimum order quantities and contact AM-Clad for more PVC cladding options including 2mm, 3mm, 10mm and supersize White PVC systems.

AM-Clad Vision
Decorative Cladding

Vision by AM-Clad is a 2.5mm PVC system featuring high-resolution printed imagery and a hard-wearing protective coating. It offers unlimited scope in personalising large and small hygienic areas with pin-sharp photographic images and bespoke graphics.

AM-Clad Vision is proven in high-traffic wet and dry environments in healthcare, corporate, retail and leisure settings.

Click the button below to download our brochure and view details of our smooth and textured finishes including tile, brick, wood, marble and fabric effects. Our Vision system is also available with an antimicrobial coating.

AM-Clad Antimicrobial

AM-Clad 2.5mm Antimicrobial PVC systems are specified around the world for hygiene-critical environments. They meet relevant UK, EU, USA and Australian hygiene standards. Suitable for hospital operating theatres, pharmaceutical laboratories, production areas, cleanrooms, food & drink manufacture, schools and more.

Welded and PVC trims can be specified. Tiny particles of silver ions deliver an authentic sterile performance and the active antimicrobial ingredients contain no toxins.

Download our brochure now. Our Antimicrobial systems are available in all colours displayed in the brochure and bespoke colours are available on request.

AM-Guard Antimicrobial
Wall & Door Protection

AM-Guard 2mm Antimicrobial Wall and Door Protection offers a robust lifetime performance in high-traffic areas within hygienic and food safe environments. It is suitable for medical centres, laboratories, food manufacturing,
schools and leisure facilities.

The surface of AM-Guard is 20 times more scratch-resistant than standard PVC and germs cannot gain a foothold. Its textured antimicrobial surface actively kills microbes and is impervious to cleaning solutions and chemicals.

Download the AM-Guard brochure now to see the range of colours available. Bespoke colours are available on request, subject to minimum order quantities.

AM-Clad Hygienic Ceilings

AM-Clad Hygienic Ceiling systems work in combination with our premium PVC wall cladding systems to create new and permanent hygienic interiors. Our proven 10mm hollow form PVC ceiling planks are Class 1 Fire Rated and are ideal for wet and dry areas. The air flow within the planks reduces ceiling condensation.

AM-Clad PVC Ceiling systems can be thermoformed and are easy to clean and maintain. The overlapping tongue and groove planks speed up installation and create a clean, attractive finish.

Contact AM-Clad today to discuss specifying our proven ceiling systems.

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