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UK & Ireland

Trolley parks and WC areas


Variable by project

AM-Clad 2.5mm Hygienic PVC


Variable by project

PVC Trims

AM-Clad 2.5mm Hygienic PVC cladding systems have been specified by M&S and have been installed within their premises throughout the UK and Ireland since 2020.

A bespoke selection of PVC colours include the white, grey and black PVC trimmed systems seen in the photographs.

AM-Clad systems create robust, hygienic and maintenance-free surfaces in high traffic areas including corridors, trolley park areas, customer WC areas and back of house staff areas.

Stores featured in the photographs are in Tamworth, Doncaster, Cheshunt and Dublin.
M&S has over 1,000 stores in the UK and Ireland.

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